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21st September
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About the Startup

About White Swan:

We provide investors with better risk-adjusted returns by digitizing the asset class of permanent life insurance. By making the sign-up process digital we are able to go from the standards 4-6 week application time to 1-3 days.

Problem and Opportunity:

Currently customers can only buy term life insurance through online marketplaces, even though 66 % of the $733bn US life insurance market is permanent life insurance.  

Value Proposition:

Our products feature structured returns, which means that it is virtually impossible to lose money with them, as they feature minimum guaranteed returns or the ability to participate in stock market gains without losing money when it drops. Further, all our policies feature tax-free capital gains for the entirety of the client's lifetime. When clients are signed up, we offer liquidity through secured loans using the policy as a security, which could be used for leveraged investments or lifestyle expenses.

What makes us unique?:

We are the first digital marketplace for permanent life insurance policies, and positions ourselves in the industry from a financial standpoint focusing on investing, risk management, and credits, rather than purely insurance.

Business model:

We broker policies with commissions from carriers, and sources leads from direct digital marketing as well as wholesaling to partner financial intermediaries, where we offer them an easier way to offer competitive investment solutions to their clients.  

Go-to-market plan:

We will start building out our direct to consumer channel through content marketing, search advertising and PR, and classic b2b sales strategies for our partnership channel.


We currently have around 1000 waiting list signups, and have developed a marketing model where we can get a lead for $2.5

Management Team:

Pontus Lagerberg, background in investing and founding the company

Jason Orestes, background in financial sales at companies like Interactive Brokers and in the startup space, amongst other roles as COO at a technology startup he grew from 8 to 65 employees.

Todd Hawk, former Wall Street executive, founded and exited an algorithmic trading company, has since been involved in revenue roles at several startups.

Dhawal Tank, sales, marketing, and strategic experience in startups within the Fintech industry and beyond.


$1.5M to grow our direct and partnership channels as well bring to market the first credit card secured by life insurance which will give our clients one of the lowest APRs in the market, no matter their credit score.

Startup Details:

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