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About the Startup

About Risk Priorities:

We are a Regulatory Technology (RegTech) company that enables financial institutions to take control of regulation. We provide RegTech solutions that transform compliance from a perceived operating cost to a strategic edge.


Problem and Opportunity:

Financial institutions often operate in multiple countries and/or states, and can have several lines of business interacting with many regulatory authorities on any given day. Overlapping and inconsistent conversations and information provided to regulators are a real risk. In addition, many organizations are using manual processes and basic technology to manage these interactions across silos, which creates regulatory blind spots. Repeated, inconsistent and unfavorable interactions with regulators can increase regulatory findings, operational costs and reputation risk while restricting business growth. In an industry paying $270 billion in annual compliance costs and in the wake of increased competition from FinTech, InsurTech and Big Tech firms, this is a high-risk problem.  

Broadly speaking, the total addressable market for our solution includes Financial Service companies, consulting firms and regulators. Our initial target market are large financial institutions and consulting firms. The global RegTech market is projected to grow to 55 billion by 2025.

Value Proposition: 

Our RegTech solution reduces risks and costs by digitizing a highly manual and error-prone process that financial institutions currently have in place to manage their frequent interactions with regulators. By using RegTechIQ, a company obtains transparency across its regulatory footprint, and has better control over its regulatory interactions. Additional value includes a potential reduction in regulatory issues, costly remediation activities and fines. This enables a financial institution to focus on what it does best. - Executing its business model and innovating


What makes us unique?:

Our team consists of individuals with a unique combination of global experience gained from regulatory agencies, banks and an accounting firm. Our deep industry knowledge and expertise spans a number of domains including risk, compliance, audit, regulatory, technology and entrepreneurial disciplines. This is the perfect combination for a RegTech company. We are offering a unique solution that helps companies to effectively manage the life cycle of regulatory exams, queries and relationships with regulators that take place across the globe. We have validated this with several industry professionals. Our solution is customizable and inter-disciplinary across a range of financial institutions, is bi-directional and can be used by both financial institutions and regulators simultaneously.


Business model: 

We generate revenue through recurring annual software subscription fees and one-time implementation fees. On an ad hoc basis, we also generate revenue through professional service fees.   


Go-to-market plan: 

The global RegTech market is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2025. Our management team is leveraging an extensive network of C-Suite executives with experience in compliance, risk management, and audit at large financial institutions. In addition, we have extensive contacts with financial regulators. We are also actively seeking strategic partners. In exchange for customer prospects, partners will receive professional service opportunities. We also will leverage sales channel partners who will receive a percentage of revenue in exchange for referring paying customers. Upon obtaining funding, we will hire a dedicated Sales Representative to grow the business. 


Through extensive customer discovery with financial institutions, we identified a high-risk problem. After building a prototype and a minimum viable product, we obtained customer feedback, which was incorporated into our solution. This enterprise B2B, scalable solution is now live. We have already onboarded our first paying customer, and are generating both software subscription and professional service revenue. We are in discussions with a number of potential strategic partners and preparing for a capital raise.


Management Team: 

We have deep industry knowledge and expertise in Financial Service. In addition to working as regulators at the Federal Reserve and in senior roles at large banks, we have studied at some of the top universities in the US. In terms of RegTech thought leadership, we have spoken at three industry conferences, were featured in three magazine articles and authored a chapter in a recent book titled the “RegTech Book”. Most importantly, we’ve personally experienced the stress, helplessness and frustration of working at financial institutions not equipped to deal with increased regulatory scrutiny and oversight. We are here to help and are the right team to transform compliance from an uncontrollable operating cost to a competitive edge. 



In order to scale and grow our revenue, we are raising $1,000,000.  This will be used for hiring, business development and product development. We are seeking investors, customers and strategic partners.

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