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About the Startup

About Loyalize:

Loyalize is a white label engagement platform for retailers and financial institutions that combines payment and loyalty into a single transaction.

Problem and Opportunity:

The average consumer is a member of 14 loyalty programmes. However, participation rates are dropping to below 25%. Why? In an increasingly digital age, consumers do not want to carry 14 different loyalty cards or download 14 apps to scan 14 codes in order to engage with their favourite brands.

With many loyalty programmes struggling to keep pace with market growth, digitisation and shifting consumer demands due to the pandemic, retailers are losing money, time and effort trying to communicate with customers without relevant data to make informed decisions.

The opportunity for Loyalize is to bridge the growing gap between payments and loyalty by combining the two disparate processes into a single, frictionless transaction. This solution will change the way retailers engage with their customers around the world, and more importantly, will provide access to an unrivalled data set that helps retailers to truly understand how their customers are. 

Value Proposition:

Having spent years in the retail and loyalty space, we understand the pain points retailers face when trying to engage with their loyalty members. Loyalize was created to address these paint points.

Loyalize is a white label, B2B solution that seamlessly integrates into a retailers’ own loyalty infrastructure and allows loyalty members to connect their payment cards to the loyalty programme.

Members are automatically rewarded for every transaction they make using a connected payment card, online and in-store – removing the requirement for a plastic loyalty card or scanning an app code.

With Loyalize, retailers will not only experience increased engagement rates, but they will be provided with rich, real-time insights on customer behaviours, allowing them to create and deliver hyper-targeted offers and campaigns to individuals or groups of customers.

What makes us unique?:

While there are other platforms that build loyalty programmes or focus on new payment methods, Loyalize is the only solution that enables existing loyalty programmes to bring payment and loyalty functions together. 

Our platform requires no POS integration, making it an extremely light-touch solution, with tracking achieved via payment networks, open banking and payment gateway partnerships that we’ve established.

Business model:

As a B2B SaaS platform, our business model is a standard subscription agreement. The pricing model will vary – subject to the source of transaction data – between a Per Transaction Fee or a Monthly Per Account Fee, with a volume-based tier structure.

Go-to-market plan:

Our core focus is on retailers that have existing loyalty programmes. However, we also work across hospitality, airlines and financial institutions to create more engaging experiences for loyalty members.

In a market worth over $120bn globally, Loyalize is well positioned to become a market leader in bringing loyalty and payment functions together.


Having fully developed our MVP and analytics suite – and built strategic partnerships with global players in the payments industry – we have now secured our first client: an international employee benefits platform due to go live in Q4. In parallel to this, we are finalising commercials with a leading fuel app. 

Loyalize has achieved strong PR coverage in the retail and loyalty space, and this has resulted in conversations with leading Tier 1 retailers around the world, all of whom understand the importance of delivering frictionless experiences to customers.

Management Team:

The founding team has decades of experience across retail, technology, loyalty and payments. These include:

David (CEO) is an experienced payments and loyalty professional, and a former commodities trader. He has vast experience supporting and advising start-ups with investment strategy, commercial partnerships and the design of corporate structure and governance.

Makis (CTO) is a former Oracle director and serial entrepreneurial CTO with a track record in the retail space. He has worked for multiple global retailers including ASOS, LVMH, Kering Group, M&S and Sainsbury’s.

Greg (Board Advisor) is a senior commercial leader and the former head of market acceleration for Visa Europe. He is now the founder of a digital marketplace for creating business partnerships, and a regular speaker, chair and panellist at fintech and payments events.

Ask: We are looking for access to both investment and commercial partners. 

We are seeking to close our current investment round in order to take these first use cases to market, followed by gaining access to wider European retailers where our solution could help drive the continued growth of their loyalty programmes.

Startup Details:

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