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About the Startup

Problem and opportunity

In real life people act in groups as well next to acting as individuals. There is no financial institute, consumer platform or retailer that supports group needs. 

Split bills and crowdfunding are the first small steps acknowledging a group need.

Now there is Doni that supports groups of people in any step of the process to act as a group online, planning, saving, selecting and paying as a group. It happens in real life on a daily basis, and now you can do it also online. A Plug and Play group solution that you can put on top of your business model.

What makes us unique

We created the “Service groups of people” solution, that can be put on top and to be integrated with any consumer platform, but also as the base of new ecosystems and as a total solution that can be white labelled integrated with a banking application. 

A total group solution where people create a group event, discuss, select a goal and plan the event, invite others to join, collect the money needed together and pay for it online together. 

Consumer platforms facilitate groups of people to plan, save and buy one of their products as a group. New ecosystems can use Doni as their group collaboration platform where they empower people to make bigger events to become reality: the power of the crowd, the power of your private crowd!

What also makes us unique is that we are a spin-out of a Fintech Solution provider, Red to Blue group (which  is our largest shareholder) and that we have flexible access to all kind of top experts and knowledge. From AI/ML, blockchain to mobile and front-end development. 

Business model

Doni is a B2B model. Financial institutes, consumer platforms and new ecosystems pay a subscription fee, and next to that Doni takes a percentage of the financial transactions running through the platform.

Go-to-Market plan

We are launching several country wide events that are in need of the power of the crowd. We are currently involved in the organization of a tribute concert together with a number of cities in the Netherlands, where the local communities, together with the local businesses and the local government are planning concerts as a gift to the healthcare workers. Doni facilitates families, sport clubs, local businesses to save money together online to make this event work. Together with theatres, artists, producers, sponsors, a big event will be launched in a pilot city in January. 

This will lead to a format that is exploited all through the country, and beyond. It is the gamechanger in the performance industry. 
Next to finding great events where Doni plays a role, we have pilot events with players in other sectors, that look very promising.


Doni was first launched as a B2C platform and now has around 10.000 active users. We are currently running 3 different pilots in a number of sectors where we sell our platform white labelled in a B2B(2C) setting.

Management team

Our people worked together as a team in the mother company Red to Blue. 

Ronald Verbrugge – Serial entrepreneur, Sales, CEO, ex MD Ordina Finance, who founded and exited successfully 3 Fintech companies before. 
Natalia Cernea – Operations and HR

Red to Blue – our mother company employs 30 top architects and engineers, “Doni is the ultimate platform to work on” they say. We work with a fixed team of 3 fte’s who work continuously on Doni verticals.


We are looking for partners, that are interested to be challenged how we can boost their sales and extend their business model with our group solution features. Furthermore, we are raising in the next round 300k for marketing and sales of our solution platform.

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