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About the Startup

About DAKKO Wellbeing:

DAKKO Wellbeing is a financial wellness platform dedicated to improving financial access to Health and Wellbeing and getting rewards for taking care of your health.

Problem and Opportunity:

Cloud-based platforms, emerging technologies, digital payments, and modern data centres are breaking down barriers in terms of access and cost, allowing the global fintech industry to bring new and improved digital financial service models into the healthcare space and regardless of geography. Asia is a region where people have better access to a smartphone than to a doctor. According to the World Bank, at least half the world’s population is unable to access essential health services. In emerging markets, one of the main critical issues is the money collection to afford healthcare costs. Very often this results in a lengthy and time-consuming process with no guarantee to obtaining financial support from personal networks or traditional banks.
The pandemic has impacted peoples’ lives. People are facing financial costs as a result of COVID-19, creating challenges that extend beyond health care. DAKKO’s priority is helping the customers to stay healthy and safe without sacrificing the care they need due to inaccessibility, out-of-pocket payments and lack of health insurance. In our long-term vision, we expect to employ technology & design, health finance & insurance, and data to serve underserved customers until then.
We guide people around the world to the right healthcare with technology. Being a platform, we can guarantee more options to our customers and facilitate the financial access to health & wellbeing through our network of partners. Initially, we intend to engage with our target customers via their corporate and SME employers. This puts the total addressable market at around 355 Million potential customers in the only SE Asia Region.

What makes us unique?:

DAKKO means Hug. The DAKKO 'hug' is about care, it is a promise to protect the patient at the centre of the value-delivery. DAKKO’s mission & vision is to make healthcare accessible globally by creating an entire healthcare ecosystem and by reducing all the friction points across the care journey. We integrate the best techniques of fintech, mobile tech, ad tech and healthcare to help providers understand and engage customers/patients more effectively.
DAKKO Wellbeing is not just a health financing app. Helping our customers to access health care providers, get the right care for them and their family, and plan their health financial management is our core driver. Nevertheless, how will DAKKO turn a Health Financing app into a Financial Wellness app that users will use? Employees’ engagement, Smart Alerts and Health & Wellbeing benefits is the answer. We aim to enable a patient-employe-family-centered care platform that leverages partnerships with Banks & Employers, and associated data analytics to match health & wellbeing services with consumer needs.
DAKKO supports the Sustainable Development Goals (#3 Good Health and Well-being and #10 Reduced inequalities).

Go-to-market plan:

In eight out of ten Southeast Asian countries, more than a third of healthcare expenses are paid out-of-pocket by individuals. In Cambodia, around 60% of healthcare expenses are paid out-of-pocket annually and the private health insurance represents only the 0.6% of the health expenditure (source: WHO).
In August 2020, we got the signed LOI from our business partner in Cambodia for a pilot project of DAKKO Wellbeing. In the partnership with a leading Healthcare Wholesaler Group, we see the grass-roots strategy for creating conditions which make it possible to build a health care ecosystem in Cambodia. Indeed, the business partner has +20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, 8 business units, 400 employees, business relationship with +100 medical institutions and pharmacies. They have recently established the digital technology unit dedicated to the project called “Open Banking Cambodia” and to the digital transformation of the Healthcare system. With DAKKO Wellbeing onboard.
Through our business partner, DAKKO Wellbeing will be fully introduced to medical institutions (+100 hospitals & clinics), professionals (doctors), insurers and banks to realize a health care app built putting the patient at the centre of all we do. The opportunities are endless to shape a more efficient and effective healthcare system and we may also consider to partner with promising HealthTech companies truly committed to bring a brighter and healthy future in emerging countries.

We will be launching our working MVP in September 2020 for phase 1 of the partnership in Cambodia. Phase 1 will last 1-3 months to test, measure and upgrade our solution. After our pilot in Cambodia, we look then to bring DAKKO Wellbeing in other 1-2 key markets in 2021. Our discussions with potential partners are uncovering broader opportunities for the DAKKO platform in developing and developed markets. We will consider these, in parallel & opportunistically.


First, DAKKO Loans and then DAKKO Wellbeing, we got remarkable achievements among leader experts in the global insurance, healthcare and finance community since we started in April 2019. We became 9th out of 40 participants in the Zurich Innovation Championship 2020 - Regional Round in Brazil and we have been shortlisted as the top5 Finalists at Pfizer Healthcare Affordability Challenge 2020. In 2020, we signed the important commitment with Startupbootcamp participating as one of the nine startups at the SBC Fintech & Cybersecurity Class of 2020 and we captured the attention of StartupX and Temasek team for having been selected for Hyperspark - the World's First Sustainability Hackcelerator - in Singapore. New opportunities are coming soon.

Management Team:

The founding team has the right experience to make DAKKO a reality. We have over 60 years of combined experience in financial services, digital technologies, software, APIs, business strategy, marketing, business development and enterprise development. Our vision at DAKKO is to protect the next generation by improving access to Health & Wellbeing services.


We are looking for business and investment partners to fast-track DAKKO Wellbeing so that it can take its place as an important player in the future of Healthcare. We are also keen to consider business partnerships with healthtech & AI tech companies.

Startup Details:

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